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Images of Singapore is more than a walk down memory lane, it is a journey to the very soul of the nation. At the Images of Singapore, the legend, facts and folklore are creatively interwoven into an “I am there” experience. Journey through the Images of Singapore from the earliest days of founding fathers to today’s modern Singapore and discover a place where cultural diversity, unity of values and adventure converge at the Images of Singapore. Let our guides take you on a journey through time in the yesteryears of Singapore, from the moment when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles stepped along the banks of Singapore River. Do not to miss Ah Chai and the Peranakan Bibik as our guides takes you further to explore the depths of the building that once used to be a military hospital. Be amazed by the colourful myriad of the festivals celebrated in Singapore only at Images of Singapore!

For those who have an interest in ‘feng shui’, why not try the Sentosa Feng Shui Trail activity together with the Images of Singapore! An activity book accompanies this trail and you will be able to discover more about the intricacies of ‘feng shui’ and how they can enhance your well-being, starting from Celebration Garden. Don’t forget to take a piece of living history home with you at the Images of Singapore shop! It offers unique souvenirs, a fine collection of books on culture and cuisine, as well as special–interest and historical titles.

Visit Images of Singapore, recognised as “Top Ten Best Family Experience” at Singapore Tourism Board’s 21st Tourism Awards and proud recipeient of the International 2006 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement for “Reinvention of a Cultural Heritage Centre”.

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